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Graduation Gowns:

Jostens took orders for caps and gowns in November. If you have not yet ordered a cap and gown, please see your counselor for the order form.

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Graduation  Information:

  • Graduation Requirements

    A student must earn a minimum of 2 credit hours from the school from which he/she will…

  • Credit Recovery

    Students who have failed a class in the past are able to join PLATO credit recovery…

  • GPA Calculator

    Do you want to calculate your own GPA, or find out what grades you need to…

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    The following websites provide information about different scholarship opportunities.  Check them out!    Scholarships for Juniors …

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  • Bullying & Harrassment
    Bullying:     A pattern of behavior by one or more students with the purpose of embarrassing, humiliating, or threatening the target student   BOARD POLICY ON BULLYING/HARASSMENT The definition of harassment, hazing, intimidation and/or bullying means any intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical...
  • Standardized Tests
    Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) The Ohio Graduation Test will be given during the month of March. The schedule is as follows:      Monday March 16th- Reading      Tuesday  March 17th- Mathematics      Wednesday March 18th- Writing      Thursday March 19th- Science      Friday March...