Bullying & Harrassment


A pattern of behavior by one or more students with the purpose of embarrassing, humiliating, or threatening the target student

The definition of harassment, hazing, intimidation and/or bullying means any intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical acts, including electronically transmitted acts, either overt or covert, by a student or group of students toward other students/school personnel with the intent to haze, harass, intimidate, injure, threaten, ridicule or humiliate.
Examples of hazing, harassment, intimidation or bullying can include:
1) physical violence or attacks
2) threats, taunts and intimidation through words or gestures
3) extortion, damage, or stealing of money and/or possessions
4) exclusion from the peer group or spreading rumors
5) repetitive and hostile behavior with the intent to harm others through the use of information and communication technologies and other web-based/online sites such as the following:
       ◦posting slurs on web sites;
       ◦sending abusive or threatening emails and instant messages;
       ◦using camera phones to take embarrassing photographs or videos of students
       and distributing or posting them;
         ◦using web sites, social networking sites etc. to circulate gossip and rumors to other students.
If you believe your son/daughter or someone they know has been a victim of bullying or harassment, please encourage him/her to speak with their counselor in the guidance office.  Forms for written referrals are available in main office, guidance office or dean's office, as well as here.  Referrals may be made anonymously.

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