Early High School Options (EHSO)

Students who elect to take EHSO courses travel to Woodward for 7th and 8th hours at the end of the elementary school day. Students can earn up to four high school credits before they even enter their freshman year. This is a great way for students to get ahead and take additional classes in subjects that interest them as well as extra credits in college-prep subjects such as mathematics. Please see an elementary counselor for more details.

Early High School Options Classes Offered:

8th Graders Only:
Algebra I Honors
English I Honors
World Studies Honors
Physical Science Honors
Drawing1/Drawing2 (must have taken General Art)
Printmaking/Sculpture (must have taken General Art)
Career Tech Experience
German, Spanish, or DL Lab Chinese

7th & 8th Graders:
General Art
Physical Education
Beginning Band

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