Distance Learning Lab

Woodward has a distance learning lab which allows students the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment  or AP courses offered at other TPS schools. The DL Lab has a real-time connection with a classroom in each TPS high school and students can interact with one another as well as the teacher who is live at one of the schools. Students who elect to take dual enrollment can earn college credits at Lourdes University which may be transferred to other colleges and universities. Students in AP courses earn colllege credit upon successful completion of AP exams.

Dual Enrollment Courses:
--> Political Science
--> Math 135 (Calculus)
--> English 101 (Senior Composition)
--> Math 212 (Statistics and Analysis)

AP Courses:
--> AP American Government
--> English
--> European History
--> Calculus

Other Courses:
--> WWII and Contemporary History
--> Chinese I and II

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