A student must earn a minimum of 2 credit hours from the school from which he/she will graduate
21 Units required for graduation:
English – 4 units/4 years
English 1 -  1 unit/1 year
English 2 - 1 unit/1 year
English 3 - 1 unit/1 year
The following courses will fulfill the fourth year English Requirements:
English 4 - 1 unit/1 year
English 4 - AP 1 unit/1 year (Distance Learning Lab)
Contemporary Literature - 1 unit/1 year
Senior Composition - 1 unit/1 year
World Literature - 1 unit/1 year (Distance Learning Lab)
Mathematics - 4 units/4 years
Algebra I or the equivalent
Algebra 2 or the equivalent
      Pre-Calculus or Measurement and Analysis
Social Studies - 3 units/3 years
World Studies - 1 unit/1 year
American Government -  ½ unit/1 semester
American Studies - 1 unit/1 year
Social Studies elective - ½ unit/1 semester
Science - 3 units/3 years
Physical Science -  1 unit/1 year
Biological Science - 1 unit/1 year
Science elective - 1 unit/1 year
Health and Physical Education
Physical Education - ½ unit 2 semesters ~ each semester counts as ¼ unit
Health Education - ½ unit ½ year
Financial Literacy -  ½ unit ½ year
One of the following:  Personal Finance (business), Financial Wellness (family consumer science)
Fine Arts- 1 unit
Electives - 4 1/2 units
Students must declare a major in either English, Math, Science, Social Studies or a Career Tech area.
Total Graduation Requirements 21 units
Pass all 5 portions of the Ohio Graduation Test (This ends with the Class of 2017)
In addition to the 21 credits required for graduation, students graduating in the class of 2018 and beyond will be required to take the
7 End-Of-Course Exams in English I, English II, Algebra, Geometry, Physical Science, American Studies, and Government.
They will also be required to meet one of the following three:
1.  Earn a cumulative passing score on the 7 exams
2.  Earn a "remediation free" score on a nationally recognized college admission exam such as the ACT or SAT.
3.  Earn a State Board of Education-approved, industry-recognized credential or a state-issued license for practice in a career
and achieve a score that demonstrates workforce readiness and employability on a job skills asessment.
More information on graduation requirements can be found at the ODE website.