Senior Information


Graduation Gowns:
Jostens took orders for caps and gowns in November. If you have not yet ordered a cap and gown, please see your counselor for the order form. The price is now $38.50 but willl go up after May 1st to over $50. If you do not graduate, Jostens will refund a large portion of the money to you when you turn the gown in. Gowns will be handed out to seniors at the senior breakfast.

Graduation Ceremony/Practice:
The graduation ceremony will be held in the competition gym at 10:00am on Friday, June 3rd. Practice will begin promptly at 10:00am on Thursday June 2nd. If you are not present for graduation practice, you MAY NOT participate in the graduation ceremony**. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. (See below for fees and fines)

Graduation Tickets:
Graduation  tickets will go on-sale in the main office beginning May 23rd. Each student will receive 2 free tickets and may purchase up to 5 additional at a price of $5 each through Friday, May 27th. Beginning May 31st, students may purchase unlimited tickets in the main office at $5 each until they are gone. Each person, regardless of age, must have a ticket for the ceremony due to fire codes.
Graduation tickets have sold out for the last 4 years.

Graduation Attire:
Young men are expected to wear a white shirt and dark tie and dark dress slacks and shoes. Young ladies are expected to wear light-colored dress (any dark colors or patterns will show through the white gown) and sensible dress shoes (extremely high heels will make it difficult to climb stairs and walk across the raised stage). There may be NO embellishments made for the cap or gown for the graduation ceremony.

Fees and Fines:
Senior fees and fines have been posted on the window of the main office. You may pay these fees ahead of time. Please get them taken care of if you are aware of any at this time. If a student owes ANY financial obligation to the school or TPS, that student will not be allowed to participate in the graduation practice nor the ceremony.
**All fees/fines must be paid in  full to the cashier prior to graduation practice (9:45am June 3, 2016).

Transcript Requests:
Seniors: Until you graduate, transcript requests should be made through your counselor.
Graduates: Once you walk across that stage, transcript requests must be made on an official Transcript Request Form available in the main office and HERE. This request must be  returned to the main office secretary. Final transcripts become available approximately two weeks after graduation.

Credit Recovery:
Seniors who have failed one or more classes last year should be working on credit recovery. If you have no yet started, there is no better time than the present. You know who you are!

OGT Preparation:
OGT classes are held in each area during 8th hour Monday through Friday in the credit recovery rooms and on Saturdays from 10-12. If you ahve not yet passed one or more sections of the Ohio Graduation Test, please go to tutoring. If you can go to the computer lab 2208 on Wednesdays and Thursdays with Ms. May. Practice tests are also available on the ODE website.

Higher Education

College/University/Future Education:
NOW IS THE TIME TO APPLY for higher education for the next year. Please see your counselor in the guidance office for college information and applications. ACT applications and fee waivers are also available in the guidance office.
If you have been accepted to a college or university or are going on to the military, into an apprenticeship or other form of higher education, please inform your counselor. We do not always know this information unless you tell us about it.

Seniors should have already taken the ACT. The next deadline is March 4th for the April test. Even if you have already taken the ACT, it should be repeated to potentially increase your score. ACT dates and deadlines are available in the guidance office. you may qualify for a fee waiver. Please see your counselor for details.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be accessed online  at anytime after January 1, 2016. Students and parents must apply for a PIN to sign the online application. You may go to at anytime to apply for your PIN. Additional links to and about the FAFSA are also available on this site under the FAFSA page. A Financial Aid representative will be at Woodward on March 3rd to assist students and parents with the online process during the school day.

If you have received any financial aid or scholarships, please let Mrs. Ramirez in the guidance office know. Scholarships and financial aid are read at graduation. We would not like to leave anyone out, but we are not made aware of this information unless you tell us. PLEASE bring your financial aid award letter as well as any notifications of scholarships so they can be tallied and noted at the ceremony. This information should be to Mrs. Ramirez no later than Friday, May 20th. Information read at graduation is no guarantee of scholarship or financial aid. You must complete the correct paperwork and process in order to secure funding.

Scholarship opportunities are posted on the Scholarship board outside the library as well as HERE. Please check the board for scholarships that may pertain to you.

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